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Barnet Resin Driveways is well-known for exceptional work when it comes to decking and landscaping. We employ a diligent team of designers, builders, joiners, carpenters and landscapers which means our work is always precise. Additionally, we only use top quality wood that has been sourced in a sustainable manner that is environmentally friendly. We never cut corners – unless it’s wood – so you can sit back and relax when choosing us.

With our unreliable British weather, decking is a very functional addition to your garden. A garden deck will give you plenty of enjoyment on warm days – we can create solutions that are small or large, multi or single levelled.

In case you’re not sure what kind of design you would like in your home, get in touch with us. We will help bring your vision to life with our expert guidance and custom designs. We’d be happy to show you our vast portfolio complete with layouts, colours and styles that will help you make up your mind.

There are many additional features that Barnet Resin Driveways can incorporate to the decking such as post lighting, seating, railings, stairs, inset lighting and even flower planters. These options are sure to add aesthetic appeal while maximising the space that is available.

We are also able to fit decking to existing garden features – for example, surrounding a sunken hot tub.

Barnet Resin Driveways is known for its exceptional decking and landscaping work. We have a highly qualified and highly experienced team of designers, joiners, builders, landscapers and carpenters. Our work is precise and we use only premium quality woods, sustainably sourced and treated. We don’t cut corners (unless it’s of the wood variety) and fully guarantee all work for your peace of mind.

Even with the unpredictable British Weather, decking is one of the nicest and most functional additions you can make to your garden. Large or small, multi-level or single level, a garden deck is highly functional and guaranteed to add hours of enjoyment to any warm spring or summer day.

If you don’t have a design in mind, aren’t sure what is achievable or need someone to bring your vision to life, our decking team can provide direction, guidance and designs. We have a bulging portfolio of photos with a huge range of layouts, materials, colours and styles to browse though to help you envisage how you’d like your finished decking to look.

In addition to the decking itself, we can incorporate additional features such as inset lighting, post lighting, seating, railings, stairs and flower planters. These add extra functionality and visual appeal and can be designed to maximise available space and your garden usage.

We can also create and fit your decking to incorporate existing or planned garden features, such as surrounding a sunken hot tub.

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    Why should I choose Barnet Resin Driveways for my garden decking?

    When you pick wooden decking for your property, it will require treating to adequately protect it from the elements and keep it looking fresh all year. However, it requires much less maintenance than grass. A well-constructed decking area is a great way of adding luxury to your outdoor space – suitable for al fresco dining, coffee mornings and relaxing on summer evenings.

    All decking designs will be tailored to your exact requirements – we can facilitate even if your space is very limited. We would also be happy to add extra touches like post heads, railings, decorative features and LED lighting.

    All you need to do for a complete overhaul of your garden is call Barnet Resin Driveways – our Barnet team would be more than happy to offer you a no obligation quotation that is completely free of charge.

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